Events at Align Health and Healing-

Woman's Circle- Crystal Connection

Join us as Align Health and Healing for our next woman's circle, as Christie leads us into a guided healing session of crystal connection.

Ground your energies through the earth and then breathe the crystal medicine into your body with 3 of your chosen crystals, bringing your body gently back into alignment and balance.

Perfect for beginners curious about crystals and healing to experienced crystal addicts.

Also included-

- An energy cleanse

- Sound healing session facilitated by Jess

- Oracle card pull

- Herbal tea station

Bring 3 of your own crystals to work with or purchase from or head to Align Health and Healing to select in person.

July 31 6:30pm

By donation


Infinite Flow-

Community, connection & compassion​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​Allow yourself to be gently guided to access universal healing and inner wisdom through the following modalities...​​​​​​​​
‣ Sound Bath Meditation​​​​​​​​
‣ Emotional Detox Hypnotherapy​​​​​​​​
‣ Crystal Connection
‣ Salt Therapy​​​​​​​​
‣ Connection & Soul Conversations Over Nibbles And A Cuppa
Saturday 20th August 5pm
Align Health and Healing ​​​​​​​​
Bookings essential